ctemf blog // 27.02.2014

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The Journey



We live in an era that has embraced electronic music; we hear it in almost every song produced today. No longer reserved for underground dance floors and clubs, electronic music has established itself in the main stream and risen to dominate charts the world over.  

The jump from backrooms and garages to the public scene happened faster than anyone could have predicted; within a few short decades the pioneers of electronic music had turned synthesized noise into a refined sound that would blaze a trail for the multitude of offshoot genres we see today.

As part of the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2014, we want to honour those who built the foundation on which the South African electronic music industry grew, as well as every individual that played a role, right down to the guy at the back of the dance floor.

It’s been no easy feat but we’re proud to present ‘The Journey’ – an interactive timeline that takes us from the emergence of electronic music in South Africa to present day. A chronicle of massive proportions!

Get involved

The Journey is as much about the events that shaped the scene as it is about you and your friends who were there. We’ve worked hard to curate the timeline, but this is a community project. We need your help. The platform is designed for you to add events, and if you attended those events then add yourself and add any relevant media to share the memories with the community.

The Journey has just begun…

Shout out

A big thank you to Richard Marshall for supplying the facts, photos and flyers that made this possible. His wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience allowed us to create this journey; so big up to one of South Africa’s biggest electronic music fans for taking us along with him as he shows us the integral part electronic music has played in all of our lives.

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