ctemf blog // 04.02.2016

General Information


In all forms of art we find various classifications which have grouped certain artists based on what they were creating. These classifications, known as genres, have helped guide consumption of these various art forms through a collective understanding of what the artist wanted to achieve. 

Being one of the world’s most consumed art forms, music can be broken down into thousands of genres and sub-genres, many of which have been so powerful they initiate entire cultural movements. Electronic music is no different and while it can be seen as a genre itself it is often broken down further giving rise to many more genres and sub-genres, all of which possess their own unique identity and culture.

Being a festival that celebrates electronic music, CTEMF wanted to showcase the various genres within electronic music which have given rise to some of the world’s most captivating sonic cultures. 

Approaching this task with elegance and care, CTEMF looked to portray each artist in such a way that would inform festival goers and fans alike as to the genres which the artists are most well-known for while being careful not to pigeon hole them to just one. 

After having decided to portray 5 main and overarching genres which the artists could be broadly classified as, the solution that CTEMF came to was the design of the various artworks and graphics which portray this year’s performers. Each artist would be assigned a shape which would signify their efforts within a broad genre of electronic music, and can be identified as follows;

Diamond – House


Triangle – Techno


Circle – Bass


Square – Electronica


Pentagon – Hip Hop


Genre classification is a conversation which can go on for hours depending on how deeply you delve into the culture surrounding certain genres and might even seem superfluous to some. However at the end of the day they are what help us understand one’s perspective and experience when listening to music. In that way they will always be necessary and play a massive part in how music is enjoyed.