ctemf blog // 25.01.2017

General Information

CTEMF stages and line up announced


CTEMF is almost upon us.

Electronic music was born in the city. Most festivals celebrate our beloved beats far away from urban areas but CTEMF takes it back to where it began. This year, Cape Town’s heart is going to pump like never before. The experience is bigger than ever. Local leaders will share the stage with international legends and rising stars will stand with industry icons. We’re hitting new heights in 2017.

The Dancefloors

Following six years of refinement, CTEMF 2017 is bigger and better than ever. We’re expanding from three dancefloors to five, making sure that you’re on top of the world regardless of what you’re in the mood for. Every floor will have a distinct vibe, so expect unique sensations on each - this is the complete electronic music experience.

Audiotorium Stage

Our flagship stage, the Audiotorium, is situated in the heart of the historic City Hall, befitting the legacy of CTEMF. It showcases some of the world’s best artists performing in a magnificent space. Prepare yourself for the ultimate audiovisual experience.

Terrace Stage

Take in the sights and sounds of Cape Town’s CBD while enjoying some of the finest electronic music acts in the world. The Terrace Stage adds a traditional festival element to CTEMF - it’s the perfect setting for cutting loose under the sun and stars.

Mezzanine Floor

A slightly more intimate zone, the Mezzanine floor is at home in the city’s bustling heart. Expect an exhibition of the freshest artists currently expanding the electronic scene in SA. This stage is for the hometown heroes and local crowd pleasers.

Club Floor

Geared towards a focussed dance experience, the Club Floor is an intimate, immersive space, tucked away and hidden. It’s not another room; it’s another world. Smaller, yes, but highly explosive.

Chill Floor

This is a place of calm, where you escape the madness. The Chill Floor is the perfect place to take a seat, sip on a drink and enjoy a bite. Strike up a conversation as you recharge, enveloped by deep dubs and slow-rolling ambience.


More stages mean more artists. You’ll hear sounds from Africa, Europe and North America. You’ll experience the dark, the tropical, the euphoric and the melodic.

We’re proud to present the 64 artists performing at CTEMF 2017: