ctemf blog // 04.01.2017

Artist Announcement

Jullian Gomes


Real Name: Jullian Gomes

Country: South Africa (Pretoria)

Music Style: House

Why is he important?

Gomes has become a household name in SA not only for his thick, deep & pinpoint production aesthetic, but for his impeccable technical skills on the decks.

Why we booked him?

There are few artists who deliver as consistently as Jullian. He’s a sure fire bet to take audiences on the most considered and crafted journey during his set. Alongside steady releases and tours with Atjazz and international labels, Gomes has still found the time to co-found label Stay True Sounds alongside Kid Fonque, showcasing artists who mirror his knack for great taste. Jullian is one of the truest role-models for artists in the electronic music game.

Our favourite song of his.

Our favourite mix of his:

One?! Here are five to choose from on the artists Soundcloud


Other media we recommend:

Jullian has very recently released his new album Late Dreamer on all major outlets.


Listen & Buy Late Dreamer Here.  

Buy Tickets to watch Jullian Gomes on Sunday the 12th of Feb here 

Jullian Gomes Soundcloud 

Jullian Gomes Facebook 

Jullian Gomes Website