ctemf blog // 19.01.2017

Artist Annoucement

Zaki Ibrahim



Real Name: Zaki Ibrahim

Country: South Africa 

Music Style: nu-soul, rnb, electronica

Why is she important?

Zaki traverses all spaces of the music industry. Her work is personal, perfected and poignant. She consistently collaborates across genre spectrums, Headlined Jazz Festivals around the world and has opened for Erykah Badu, 

Why we booked her?

Zaki has been a firm favourite of CTEMF organizers for around a decade, and with her last couple of projects being so deeply steeped and focussed in electronica, the timing is perfect.

Our favourite song of hers:


Other media we recommend:

ORBIT is a spiral body of music that tells a love story of twin stars. The EP was inspired by the key-stone song, 'Binary', from the full length record. The story manifested from a writing collaboration between Zaki and Heather Thompson (aka Lady Venom) and a bank of beat compositions from Maramza in South Africa. The collaboration subsequently occurred on two continents, as Casey MQ, another beat maker, composer & writer from Brampton, Canada was pulled into the fold. Among a number of accolades, Casey recently completed the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, Canada.

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Zaki's Soundcloud 

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